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Prime Location Plano Area Franchise Child Care
(Childcare Centers)
Dallas, TX
Listing ID: AD450

Listing DetailsReason for Sale:

This is an excellent opportunity to buy a child-care center with one of the top franchises in the country at a reasonable price. This center is in a prime location in the highly desired Plano area.  

The building is well maintained and beautiful.  It is one of the most beautiful buildings within the franchise.  The current owners have taken great care of the facility and have provided a very positive environment for the students and staff. The franchise is extremely popular and has positive name recognition. 

The asking price for the center is $4.5 million with the real estate and has an SBA pre- approval with $450,000 dollars down. This is a great price for someone looking for a franchised child-care center. The value of the 15,000 plus square foot building and the FFE is equal to the purchase price. 


The center has a healthy business but there is great opportunity for upside. You will be making money from day one of your purchase and can increase your profits substantially by enrolling more students. 

Skip the waiting list to build a franchise and skip the wait time for the building process… start making money today. 



Absentee Owner: No
LocationLease Expire: 0000-00-00